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Supplying Acer C730E and Accessories for BYOD

Why Choose Us?

Schooled Up IT Limited are experts in providing technical solutions and IT support for schools, and their families. We are proudly the home of Cranium for Chromebooks. We're the sole Australasian distributor of this little piece of inexpensive brilliance and you can make your purchase right here. Manufactured from PVC/aluminium blend that provides rigidity and strength to protect your Acer C730/C730E Chromebook's screen, Cranium is an exact fit, permanent & lightweight solution that protects your Chromebook's screen by eliminating flexing and making it virtually impossible to bend. Independent testing suggests that the Cranium provides an approximate doubling in torsional strength to the Chromebook screen. The all white Cranium also doubles as a whiteboard - perfect for student use in the classroom or for jotting down a note or equation. Once fitted with a Cranium your Chromebook is tough enough to be packed directly into your backpack or schoolbag: no need for an additional carry case, although you may also like to try one of our water resistant Super Bubble Neoprene Sleeves. Craniums are widely used in the US & UK and are now available in New Zealand.

Providing affordable BYOD packages for families is an important part of our business. Through us you receive everything you need to have your BYOD Chromebook up and running as soon as you receive it. This includes the essential Google Chrome Management License and connection to your child's school network. These components of our BYOD packages can not be supplied by standard retailers.

Experts in providing technical solutions and IT support for schools, and their families, for over 12 years.

About Us

We are a family owned and operated business, based in the Southern Wairarapa, servicing schools from Wellington to Palmerston North. Cranium for Chromebook is a newly available product and quickly becoming essential for protecting your BYOD investment.

Please contact us to see how we can provide technology and support to your school, or to meet your family's BYOD needs.. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and hardware at a competitive price point.